DYSERTH rocker Mike Peters has thanked the public for their messages of support and said that with his wife Jules by his side, he knows he can "defy the odds."

The Alarm frontman shared a statement on Facebook last week about his health, which has sadly taken a worrying turn.

He has since revealed that his 29-year-old Leukaemia (CLL) has undergone an "overnight transformation" into a rare and aggressive form of Lymphoma known as Richter’s Syndrome.

In a heartfelt statement, Mike said: "I’m never usually lost for words but right now I’m struggling to express how grateful I am for all the messages of love and support that have come my way from all corners of the world since I posted the news of my latest cancer challenge.

"Last week, there was still a 25 per cent chance that all of this was viral-related but on Thursday night, April 25, the severity of the situation was revealed to Jules and I by Dr Heartin (North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre), who confirmed to us that my 29-year-old Leukaemia (CLL), had undergone an overnight transformation into a rare and aggressive form of Lymphoma known as Richter’s Syndrome.

"I am now engaged in the biggest challenge of my life and have the highest mountain to climb in order to stay alive.

"Jules, my wife of 35 years, has been incredible and despite the shocks has remained solid as a rock throughout, especially as the magnitude and scale of the challenge that lies ahead has been laid out before us.

"With your support and Jules by my side, I know I can defy the odds and survive the intensive treatments the doctors at The Christie Institute, Manchester have mapped out for me."

Mike continued: "I’m up against a formidable opponent and it won’t be easy to come through the Chemo, Stem Cell and possible Car-T transplants that are some of the options and medical weaponry at my disposal.

"First phase is to begin with the chemotherapy sessions which will involve an 18 week cycle of RCHOP therapy which will probably be administered at the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre or, if I decide to take a new clinical trial version of RCHOP+ [a cancer drug combination], at The Christie.

"Dr Adam Gibb at The Christie has been amazing with me since we first met. He’s been very direct, very specific and also very rock and roll in his delivery. Pulling no punches about my prospects of survival but also vowing to hit me with the proverbial kitchen sink in order to achieve the aim of full recovery.

"Although I will be somewhat immuno-suppressed, I should be able to live a fairly normal life throughout this first phase of the treatment cycle. As long as I avoid aeroplanes and don’t rush to hug and kiss everyone I meet, then I should still be able to perform at some of the shows already planned for the UK this Summer and Autumn, especially the ones with Status Quo and Big Country. It might also be possible to add in one or two additional impromptu events and DJ sessions at The Red in between the chemo cycles just like I did with The Saturday Gigs back in 2006.

"I believe that having some performances to focus on will be imperative for my mental health and body conditioning as I gather my strength for the ordeal I am going to face both mentally and physically once the transplant phase begins.

"I am determined to remain calm and take everything in a passive manner. Don’t get too down by the lows or too excited by the highs and there shall be many of both along the way I am sure.

"I have walked the hillsides of my neighbourhood every day since encountering the Lymphoma and have taken immense strength and encouragement from the in depth conversations I have had with Jules who in her message, described herself as being like a black widow and fearful of death. I told her on our walk today that I want us both to live entirely in the moment and focus on the here and now. Why cry over something that may never happen when you can be happy in the present.

"So keep the messages of support coming and lighting up the dark web with offerings of light and hope. I’ve already been contacted by eminent leaders in the fields of Leukaemia and Lymphoma (Alarm fans both), to offer advice and guidance which I am taking on with both hands. These new developments have come about because of caring fans sharing and spreading the news and helping it reach people who can offer hope against this rare and dangerous Richter’s transformation."

Mike said he is fortunate to have his autobiography - Love, Hope and Strength to focus on. 

"Now is probably as good a time as any to share the news that I have already handed in a self written 158,234 word first draft of Volume One 'Love' to the publisher 'A Way With Media' and editor Andrew Richardson," he said.

"I was excited about the book before the discovery of Richter’s Syndrome but now that time is of the essence, I will be dedicating myself to writing, and finishing Volumes Two and Three over the coming months as I square up to my new adversary.

"I have lived to tell the tale before and shall do so again."

The frontman of The Alarm relapsed and was hospitalised in September 2022 following an acclaimed national tour with his band [Mike was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in 2005].

The singer stopped responding to his medication and had to undergo a new gruelling treatment plan.

In March 2024, Mike's wife Jules shared that Dr Heartin had confirmed a "perfect set of bloods" for Mike and her husband was preparing for the USA Summer tour.

Sadly Mike has now had to pull out of the tour.