DYSERTH rocker Mike Peters has had to pull out of his US tour.

The Alarm frontman shared a statement on Facebook about his health, which has sadly taken a worrying turn.

Mike said: "On the morning of April 21, I awoke with a large swollen gland on the left side of my neck. I saw Dr. Heartin at the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre [at Glan Clwyd Hospital] at 10am on the Monday, and he immediately arranged for an emergency biopsy and CT Scan.

"The early results have determined that my Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) has undergone a transformation into a High Grade Lymphoma.

"I am awaiting to have both a PET and Heart Scan and also consultations with the team at the Christie Institute in Manchester before confirming the exact specifics of my new treatment regime with the amazing Dr Heartin and the brilliant team at The North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre.

"Once the exact specifics of the biopsy and the treatment plans have been determined, I will write again with a plan for recovery and how I’m going to make it through what I know will be the most challenging time of my life."

The distressing news means Mike can longer travel to America for the 'Live Today Love Tomorrow' tour, which was due to commence on May 1.

The tour was due to take in locations such as New Orleans, Houston, Buffalo, New York and Boston, just to name a few. Also part of the tour were Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel and Belouis Some.

"I am still reeling from the consequences of this news and completely unforeseen diagnosis and doing my best to process what is happening," Mike said.

"I’m grateful for the love and understanding of everyone affected by the tour postponement and hoping and praying with all that I have, that this is just a pause in the story of my life and that normal service will be able to resume soon."

Mike said cancer had been "chasing him" for 29 years. 


The frontman of The Alarm relapsed and was hospitalised in September 2022 following an acclaimed national tour with his band [Mike was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia in 2005].

The singer stopped responding to his medication and had to undergo a new gruelling treatment plan.

In March 2024, Mike's wife Jules shared that Dr Heartin had confirmed a "perfect set of bloods" for Mike and her husband was preparing for the USA Summer tour.

"I have managed to outrun the disease and stay alive," Mike said.

"My focus and resolve remain the same, and I’m determined to keep running even harder to stay one step ahead and resume my life as a husband, father, and musician as soon as possible.

"Thanks for all your understanding, and I will endeavour to keep you updated as soon as I know what the doctors have in store for me and the life steps I will have to take to get back on the front foot."