A CAFÉ in Towyn has added more eating challenges for customers to try, offering them huge meals for free if they can finish them within a time limit.

Seagull Café, on Towyn Road, began by challenging people to eat a 32oz steak, chips, grilled tomato, mushrooms, two fried eggs, a fried onion, corn on the cob, and six onion rings with side of beans, peas or salad.

The meal costs £25, but if you eat it all within the time limit, you get it free of charge.


Towyn café invites customers to take on eating challenge

Since launching this challenge a few weeks ago, it has since added similar meals for people to also try and finish:

  • 36oz burger challenge – six 6oz burgers with cheese and bacon in each one, coleslaw, corn on the cob, chips, onion rings, and beans/peas/side salad.
  • 32oz steak challenge – 32oz steak, two fried eggs, mushrooms, onions, chips, onion rings, and beans/peas/side salad.
  • 32oz steak and ribs challenge – 32oz steak with a full rack of barbecue ribs.

For either of the steak challenges, customers are afforded an extra 10 minutes to try and finish the dishes.

So far, 15 people have taken on these challenges, but only two have succeeded.

Maria, who runs the café, said: “So far, we’ve had someone win the burger challenge, and another win the steak and ribs one.

“With the steak challenges, you get 45 minutes, because they’re obviously more chewy. The steak challenges have to be by request, because of the size of them!

“One of the last people to try one of the challenges did it with a hangover, bless him, but his wife had booked him in!

“Business has absolutely got through the roof; the amount of people trying to pre-book challenges for the summer holidays is unreal.”

You can see how those brave enough to take on the challenges fare on the café’s Facebook page.