A CAFÉ in Towyn is offering customers a huge free meal – if they can eat it all within 35 minutes.

Seagull Café, on Towyn Road, is challenging people to eat a 32oz steak, chips, grilled tomato, mushrooms, two fried eggs, a fried onion, corn on the cob, and six onion rings with side of beans, peas or salad.

The meal costs £25, but if you eat it all within the time limit, you get it free of charge.


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So far, two have taken on the challenge, but both have failed.

Maria, who runs the café, said that, while the challenge was first launched on April 1, “it’s definitely not an April fool!”

She said: “Two have done it up to now, and we’ve got three who have paid a deposit to come and do it today (April 4).

“The first two didn’t complete it –one got pretty close, with just some chips and beans left. If you beat it, you also get a T-shirt saying: ‘I beat the food challenge at the Seagull’.

“We’re going to be doing a challenge every week – next week’s is a 36oz ‘stack burger’, and the week after will probably be a breakfast one. It just brings a bit more publicity to the business.

“The one who did it yesterday had come to eat in on Monday, and had apparently starved himself since then to come and do it yesterday.

“He was determined to finish it, but he didn’t quite there!”

You can see those brave enough to take on the challenge fare on the café’s Facebook page.