CHRISTMAS tunes are ringing out loud and clear as locals share their favourite festive melodies.

Our readers partook in a poll, revealing what Christmas songs make it to the top of their playlist.

We were inundated with a flurry of responses to our Facebook post asking the question.

The yuletide classics made strong appearances; however, it was the Pogues' bittersweet ballad, 'Fairytale of New York', hailed as the peoples' favourite.

More poignant this year with the passing of singer Shane MacGowan last month.

Claire Scott said: "The Pogues Fairytale of New York."

Echoing her choice, Helena J. Parker claimed: "Fairytale of New York is ALWAYS number 1 for me."

Many readers chose the more uplifting melodies to spread the holiday cheer.

Patrick Wolfe, maintaining his standard musical tone, admitted: "I listen to Eminem every day and Christmas is no exception."

Nonetheless, the most intriguing choice was perhaps made by Kris Larner who opted for the unexpected, 'War Pigs - Black Sabbath.' The community seemed to agree popular hits were too good to resist.

Carol Roberts professed her affection for nostalgia, sharing: "I wish it could be Christmas everyday and Fairy Tale of New York x."

Simultaneously, Ms Sue Bithell and Ms Shell Jenkins were amongst many that voted for 'Last Christmas' by Wham.

However, there was an abundance of love for the fresh yet distinctive track, 'Give it Up for Santa Claus' by local band afterPARTY.

Both Alison Allen and Carys McElroy vociferously championed for it.

The band afterPARTY, comprised of Lewis, Steve, and Chris McElroy, of Towyn, put out “Give It Up For Santa Claus” on all streaming platforms on December 1.

The music video was premiered on the same day on the band's YouTube channel.

Steve said: “The song style is influenced by the huge, fun, epic Christmas rock anthems of the 1970s such as ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ and ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’, as well as quirky elements from pop songs and TV soundtracks

Meanwhile, a few stood firm with their classic choices, paying tribute to iconic musicians.

Gilderdale Jackie chose Elvis' 'Blue Christmas', while  Maly Jones honoured Darlene Love, adding: "Christmas baby please come home, the Xmas track to end all debate over which is the Greatest Xmas ever."

Meanwhile, appreciation for Band Aid’s renowned charity single, 'Do they know it's Christmas?' was strongly evident as the festive favourite reverberated with many such as Ms Maureen Evans who individually supported the track.

On a lighter note, some people shared their love for children's classics, with Cheryl Wright speaking about her appreciation for 'Frozen'.

Finally, in the spirit of rebellion, Isabel Blundy cajoled with her choice, stating: "Anything that isn’t a Christmas song."

As Christmas approaches, our readers' choices remind us about the power of music in evoking memories, capturing the magic of the season and enhancing the holiday experience.

Whether it's foot-tapping classics, memorable ballads or unconventional choices, each song, festooned with its own sparkle, helps create the perfect backdrop for the festive season.

In conclusion, when it comes to the perfect Christmas soundtrack, the choice is indeed, as varied as the tracks themselves, leaving us with not just one but many winners this festive season.

Essentially, as delicately expressed by Pauline Norgrove: "Some of the Christmas songs like Slades merry Christmas everyone and a few others mud and wizard are 50 years old and I bet they will still be played in another 30 odd years."