A BAND made up of three brothers from Towyn are aiming to show “exactly how a Christmas song should be done” by releasing their own festive track.

“afterPARTY”, comprised of Lewis, Steve, and Chris McElroy, will put out “Give It Up For Santa Claus” on all streaming platforms on Friday, December 1.

The music video will be premiered on the same day on the band's YouTube channel.


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Having originally played and written together in the late 1990s (under the name “X-ELL”), the brothers started by playing pubs, clubs and holiday camps in and near their hometown.

They eventually went on to play headline gigs across the UK, Ireland and even in New York.

In the mid-2000s, the brothers signed a major publishing deal with Universal Music, and wrote music for artists including Atomic Kitten and Ash.

X-ELL took a hiatus in 2010, but the brothers continued performing live in separate projects, but reformed as a collective in 2021 and started a new rock project called “Mc3LROY”.

Steve McElroy said: “Songwriting and production has always been the core of what defines the McElroy brothers, and the lads have always aimed to write those timeless anthems that defined their own childhoods.

“During the COVID-19 lockdown ease of 2020, Lewis contacted me and Chris as he'd ‘had an idea for the greatest Christmas song ever written’ in Lewis' words!

“So, we set up a makeshift studio in Lewis' garden and began to record 'Give It Up For Santa Claus'.

“The funny thing was that this was in the middle of summer, with sunshine blazing, and all that the neighbours could hear was the sound of sleigh bells, guitars and Santa Claus!

“The song style is influenced by the huge, fun, epic Christmas rock anthems of the 1970s such as ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ and ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’, as well as quirky elements from pop songs and TV soundtracks.

“After recording and production was finished, the aim was to record a music video and release the song that Christmas. However, COVID put a stop to that.

“Fast-forward to 2023 and we storyboarded a new idea for an epic music video and filmed it that same September.

“Due to Lewis being the lead singer of the song, the band decided to use the dedicated name, afterPARTY - which also suited for the fun, party-atmosphere of the track and video.

“The aim is to bring back the huge, showmanship, cinematic band style of the 70s rock bands and also to show the fake, puppet-style, 'Simon Cowell' factory-produced acts exactly how a Christmas song should be done!”