A MOTHER from Prestatyn said she developed sepsis and required emergency surgery after a “mummy makeover” she had booked in Turkey did not go to plan.

Danielle Hunt, 35, said that, in October 2022, she visited Dr Baran Kul, at Coolest Clinic, where she underwent liposuction, a “tummy tuck”, and a breast enlargement and uplift.

But Danielle, who teaches aesthetics herself, said the surgery resulted in her “nearly losing my life” and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder for months afterwards.

She has sought to warn people about the dangers of undergoing such surgeries, particularly abroad, following her own experience in Turkey.


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Rhyl Journal: Danielle HuntDanielle Hunt (Image: Danielle Hunt)

Danielle said: “I was given my consultation and consent forms right before surgery, and was told to sign them quickly, otherwise I’d lose my slot.

“When I was discharged, they gave me paracetamol, and said it was completely normal to be feeling the pain I felt.

“I didn’t feel safe in Turkey, so begged to go home early. I had to be wheeled in a wheelchair from a taxi right through to the airport, and then from Manchester Airport to where I was picked up by my boyfriend.”

Danielle said such was the pain she felt at that time that she could not walk more than three steps unaided.

Last month, she had reconstructive surgery at Manchester Private Hospital, with Mr Hassan Sulaiman, who she said was “amazing from start to finish”.

She added: “When I got back to the UK, a surgeon here said I had the worst case of bruising he’d ever seen in his whole career; the medication I’d been given wasn’t suitable for the surgery I had.

“I had an infection every week for two months, and had to go to specialist breast clinic three times a week so that my wounds would heal. I was leaking and oozing green pus every week.

“I got sepsis on New Year’s Eve, and had emergency surgery on New Year’s Day to have my implants removed.

“I wanted to get my boobs done in the UK, and contacted three different clinics, who advised that they wouldn’t touch me due to me being botched in Turkey.

“I found Manchester Private Hospital, and Mr Solomon gave me reconstructive surgery. He fixed the scarring, and gave me complete revision surgery, and the new scar has healed really well.”

Danielle said she went to Turkey on recommendation, but now strongly encourages anyone wanting similar treatment to stay in the UK for it.

She added: “I just want to warn people. For people who want surgery, I’d tell them: ‘Save for an extra six or 12 months’, because for the sake of an extra £2-3,000, it’s not worth risking your life to go to Turkey.

“In the UK, you have good aftercare and get looked after properly. If putting this out there can save just one life, it’s served its purpose.”

Manchester Private Hospital said it sees three to four patients each month who are in similar situations and if possible, tries to offer them the required surgery.

A spokesperson for the hospital said: “We do understand the rationale of traveling overseas, as cost is a major factor among the cost-of-living crisis.

“We do warn our patients that aftercare required in UK is very well regulated, with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and General Medical Council (GMC) continuously monitoring this. 

“We treat our patients with upmost care until they are fully healed and discharged back to their GP. This also comes with aftercare for two years, just in case they need to see the surgeons with further queries.”

Mr Sulaiman, a cosmetic surgeon at the hospital, added that he will request his patients to stay in UK for their surgery.

Rhyl Journal: The scarring which Danielle said she suffered as a result of the surgeryThe scarring which Danielle said she suffered as a result of the surgery (Image: Danielle Hunt)

He added: “All the doctors in the UK who are practising are regulated by the GMC and are expected to meet professional standards.

“They are also members of professional bodies like the British Medical Association, Association of Surgeons of Great Britain & Ireland, among others.

“All of the private hospitals and clinics are regulated by CQC, and they ensure that high standards of quality and care are maintained throughout through their regular inspection and engagement.

“All surgeons in UK also carry medical indemnity insurance to give our patients a peace of mind just in case things go wrong.”

In response to Danielle’s comments, Coolest Clinic contested some of her claims, such as that she was rushed through the consent process and that her postoperative care was inadequate.

The clinic added that it has comprehensive video documentation of Danielle’s entire medical journey, but which cannot be shared without her written consent.

A spokesperson for Coolest Clinic said: “Our records show that all patients, including Ms Hunt, are given ample time to review and understand consent forms, and we follow strict protocols to ensure informed decision-making.

“Our records indicate that she received appropriate medications upon discharge, and we offer continuous support for any post-surgery concerns.

“Turkey has reputable clinics and skilled surgeons adhering to rigorous standards. Dr Kul is highly qualified, and our clinic is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of care.

“All medical procedures at Coolest Clinic adhere strictly to hygiene protocols, including the use of protective equipment.

“Complications can arise from any surgery, and we provide comprehensive support. We encourage direct communication with us to ensure the proper resolution of concerns.

“We remain committed to transparency, the highest standards of patient care, and accountability.”