A WOMAN living in Rhyl with her five children has urged for her family to be relocated, as she says their current home “isn’t fit to live in”.

Pauline Bell, 43, has lived in a five-bedroom house, owned by housing association Adra, for five years, but said that, for the last three years, she has been looking to move.

She added that she suffers from asthma, as do some of her children, whose ages range between four and 19, as well as from a heart condition, and issues with the house are exacerbating these health problems.

Another of Pauline’s children has severe autism, she said, but despite her efforts to either be moved elsewhere by Adra or to have the house brought up to standard, she feels these have been in vain.


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Rhyl Journal: Inside Pauline's homeInside Pauline's home (Image: Pauline Bell)

Pauline said: “I have been trying for just over three years to move to another house, as this one isn’t fit to live in.

“Despite contacting Adra on many occasions, the house is still damp, there is black mould on the walls and the heaters don’t heat the house through.

“My four-year-old daughter has asthma and cannot sleep in her bedroom; she’s sleeping with me at the moment. My other daughters are having to sleep on the couches in the living room as their bedrooms are damp and too cold.

“We can have the heating on for four hours before you can feel any heat from it. There’s no insulation in the loft, the windows and the front door let in a lot of cold, we’ve got burst pipes from the toilets, and I’ve been complaining about the smell of sewage in the house for over two years.

“We’ve had mice in the house, and because there are holes in the house, I can’t stop them from getting in. It’s disgusting.”

Rhyl Journal: Inside Pauline's homeInside Pauline's home (Image: Pauline Bell)

Pauline said that Adra had offered her a new home, which she felt would have been “perfect” for her and her family, only for the company to later withdraw this proposal.

Indeed, she accused Adra of “messing me about, knowing full well I have severe mental health problems”.

She claimed that would have been “warmer, smaller and cheaper” than her family’s current Rhyl home.

As it is, she added, her sole focus is “getting my kids away from his house”.

Pauline said: “I’ve got a severely autistic child, as well, so we’ve got to prepare her in a different way for the move.

“There are about 40 different repairs needed here, but nothing gets done.

“It’s caused me to self-harm quite a lot recently. When they offered me this house and then changed their mind, it just sent me overboard. I was thinking there was light at the end of the tunnel.

“All I’m focused on is getting my kids away from this house. I just want the house that they offered me originally, because that would have been perfect. It’s warmer, smaller and cheaper.”

Rhyl Journal: Inside Pauline's homeInside Pauline's home (Image: Pauline Bell)

Pauline has also asked her MP, James Davies, for help with her current predicament.

Dr Davies said: "My office have been in close contact with Pauline regarding this matter and I am continuing to provide her with ongoing support."

In response to her comments, an Adra spokesperson said: “We take the concerns and wellbeing of our tenants seriously.

“We are committed to ensuring that all our properties are well-maintained, safe, and comfortable.

“We understand that there have been issues raised by the tenant regarding the condition of their property, and we want to assure the tenant and wider community that we are actively working to address and resolve these concerns.

“Repairs and maintenance tasks have been carried out at the property over recent months. This includes inspections, necessary repairs, and continued maintenance.

“Our dedicated maintenance team is working diligently to resolve specific concerns raised by the tenant, and we appreciate their patience and cooperation during this process.”

Adra added that it is “actively working” with Pauline to move her and her family elsewhere.

The spokesperson said: “We fully support the tenant’s wishes in moving to a suitable property and are actively working to support and facilitate a smooth transition into a suitable property.

“Our team is available to assist tenants in exploring available options, providing necessary information, and ensuring that the transition process is as seamless as possible.

“We are committed to working collaboratively with tenants to meet their individual housing needs and preferences.

“We encourage our tenants to continue reporting any concerns or issues they may encounter.

“Open communication is vital to our commitment to providing quality homes, and we are always here to listen and respond to the needs of our residents.”