A GROCERY shop in Rhyl which received a food hygiene rating of zero-out-of-five last year has been ordered to pay almost £25,000.

Seagull International Foods, which has a store on Bedford Street, was told that “major improvement (was) necessary” following an unplanned Food Standards Agency inspection on August 17, 2022.

At Llandudno Magistrates’ Court on October 24, having been charged with five counts of failing to comply with specified food hygiene provisions, it was ordered to pay a sum of £24,922.49.

Rhyl Journal: Mouse droppings found at the storeMouse droppings found at the store (Image: Denbighshire County Council)


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During the August 2022 inspection, a number of cheeses, as well as chicken and sausages, were found to be on sale despite being past their sell-by-date.

This included a tin of Aynoor white cheese in brine, which had an expiry date of November 26, 2020 – almost two years prior to the inspection.

Mouse droppings were found on shelves of the dried rice section, with bags of rice having been gnawed at, while two dead mice were found under a shelving unit.

Rhyl Journal: A dead mouse found at the storeA dead mouse found at the store (Image: Denbighshire County Council)

“Sticky strips which were covered in dead flies” were also noted.

Sesame balls and pasta were also detained by inspectors due to its ingredients not being clearly labelled, and fresh chilis were being dried in boxes on the shop floor with no protection from pest contamination.

Raw frozen chicken was found stored in a carrier bag in a freezer on the shop floor, while bottles of drink and cans of cooking oil and chickpeas were being stored directly on the floor.

There was also no hot running water at the basin on the shop floor, and an unused car in the food warehouse, covered in a film of dust and dirt, was found to be storing dry foods and packaging.

Seagull International Food (UK) Ltd has until April 24, 2024 to pay the total sum of £24,922.49.

This was broken down into £18,000 in fines, costs of £4,922.49, and a surcharge of £2,000.

The charges included the store failing to implement pest control provisions, and not cleaning and disinfecting equipment.