THE annual spooky celebration of Halloween is just days away.

Most of you will have your costume, whether for yourself or a child.

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There will be witches, vampires and ghosts, devils, pumpkins and werewolves.

Whatever terrifying creature you decide, the emphasis has always been on fun.

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But back in the day, whether your day is the 70s, 80s, or even 90s, there wasn't as much choice.

And, readers who were children of the 50s and 60s, says Halloween wasn't really celebrated if at all then.

Some child would end up being a toilet roll mummy, a wizard with a cotton wool beard, or more likely a vampire or witch dressed in the ever versatile heavy duty black bin bag.

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In those days you were as likely to get a bucket of water thrown over you as receive a treat when knocking on your neighbours' doors.

We asked readers of the Rhyl Journal, North Wales Pioneer and North Wales Chronicle what costume they remember wearing for spooky season (when it was just called Halloween) when they were young.

This is what they said:

  • Kenzi Holiday: "Black bin bag age 9/10 .... seriously, the m8 I was with, we had sooo many laughs, it was ace!!"
  • Anne-Marie Rigg: "A bin bag cape and a 20p mask."
  • Lucy Piper: "...and plastic witch fingers."
  • Audrey Tweed: "Only bobbed for apples, fun was for Guy Fawkes night . penny for the guy and fireworks by the bonfire with spuds roasting in the ashes."
  • Gail Elizabeth Jones: "I never went trick or treating or wore a costume - sucks to be me."
  • David Slade: "Didn’t have it when I grew up!!! An American tradition."
  • Samantha Jayne Fisher: "Black bin bag, 50p plastic mask from Spar that you couldn’t breathe in, and a set of plastic witch fingers that slowly but surely cut off the circulation in every one of your actual fingers. Good times."
  • Caroline Wood: "White sheet with holes in for eyes."
  • Angela Roberts: "We didn’t do Halloween when we were children."
  • Sam Hutchinson: "We used bin bags as capes lol."
  • Gary Howard (or should that be Michael Myers): "A boiler suit and a William Shatner mask."
  • Chris Hook: "We didn't have Halloween when we were young. Remember being a teenager and carving a turnip. Now it's a pumpkin. America we copy a lot of their trends. Baby showers. Prom nights etc.
  • Shani Botteau: "Plastic witch hat from the newsagents ,bin bag dress and another for a cloak ,Nivea face cream mixed with green food colouring.Plus a carved out swede on a piece of string. And the all important tube of toothpaste for door handles as a trick."
  • Angelina Lewis: "Wearing a bin bag lol deffo fun times xx"
  • Sue Payne: "We didn't celebrate when I was young in the 50s/60s."
  • Felicity Ann Riley: "Those long plastic witch fingers with red nails!"
  • Gail Metcalfe: "Dressing up for Halloween was much simpler when my son was little in the late 70s - an old sheet with eye holes cut out so he could pretend to be a ghost. The current trend for costumes and "trick or treat" has come over from America and has little to do with the original traditions."
  • Paul Susans: "Guy Fawkes night was a big favourite o my family, was never into Halloween in the 60s and glad we didn't have it. It worries me when very young children are sent to strangers' homes buy maybe it's because I'm getting old!!!"