TODAY (October 27), the Journal got in the mood for Halloween by visiting a man who has decorated his house with plenty of skeletons and ghouls.

Andrew Wharfe, who has lived in a bungalow on Oakville Avenue since last year, has used many of the decorations which he would put on display at the Warrington pub he used to own.

It took Andrew about two hours to complete, and has been up for about three weeks now.

He is also hosting a fancy dress party at the house on Saturday (October 29), and is dressing himself as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, from the film "It".

Andrew said: “I just like decorating up for Halloween! I always did it in the pub we used to have.

“I think we all need some happiness, and the amount of people who have come by and absolutely loved it… children are coming past every day and wanting to go to the ‘haunted house’!

“It’s been absolutely brilliant; they can’t wait to see what I do at Christmas, and they just love looking at what’s in the windows, and all of the skeletons and the rats.

Rhyl Journal:

“I’ve collected these over the years from different shops and didn’t want to throw them away. One of these decorations was actually banned from Tesco’s!

“I’ve got some ideas for Christmas; there’s going to be some polar bears, and a sweet factory.”

Rhyl Journal:


LOOK: The Rhyl bungalow transformed into a haunted house for Halloween!

Enjoy some more pictures of Andrew's new-look home below:

Rhyl Journal: A piece of artwork Andrew created himself, inside his Rhyl homeA piece of artwork Andrew created himself, inside his Rhyl home (Image: Newsquest)

Rhyl Journal: A spooky-looking dining table...A spooky-looking dining table... (Image: Newsquest)

Rhyl Journal: Outside Andrew's homeOutside Andrew's home (Image: Newsquest)

Rhyl Journal: Enter if you dare...Enter if you dare... (Image: Newsquest)

Rhyl Journal: Andrew used to decorate his Warrington pub like this at HalloweenAndrew used to decorate his Warrington pub like this at Halloween (Image: Newsquest)

Rhyl Journal: Skeletons and witches aplenty...Skeletons and witches aplenty... (Image: Newsquest)

Rhyl Journal: Plenty of severed limbs, too...Plenty of severed limbs, too... (Image: Newsquest)

Rhyl Journal: More frightening sights inside Andrew's home!More frightening sights inside Andrew's home! (Image: Newsquest)