A PUB on Rhyl Seafront has installed parking metres to dissuade campers and caravans from using the carpark.

The Sun Verge, on East Parade, posted on Facebook that the measure had been taken to stop campers and caravans from using the car park as a "free holiday venue".

They added: "For genuine patrons of the pub you can claim your parking fee back when you order a meal or a drink that is more than the value of the parking."

The Sun Verge, near Rhyl’s Pavilion Theatre, opened its doors in 2018. The name of the pub was chosen to continue the legacy of the former Sun Centre and to tie in with SC2.

Residents reacted to the Sun Verge's post on social media.

One person commented: "Why the pub didn't do that last year and make some money?

"I don't no letting people park for free and stop genuine customers getting to use it but this time of the year it will b empty and I bet people use the travel lodge car park."

Another user said: "Good idea for the summer but should do what they do on the beach with dogs.

"From October 30 to March 1 it should be free.

"Consider the locals that might want to pop in for a drink after a walk."

Another person said: "Instead of targeting campers, etc. on this post, why don’t you open your mind instead of thinking they’re a nuisance (although, the carpark was free so they weren’t really doing anything wrong by parking there), and that they’re freeloading (free holiday venue), visit that CAMPRA page posted by someone above, and realise that you could make some money from campers and motorhomes by charging an overnight parking fee, which most won’t mind paying at all."