SNOW-like dust and standstill traffic is causing misery for motorists, pedestrians and residents in St Asaph.

Resurfacing works along the A525 at The Roe started earlier this month and are not due to finish until next Monday.

Rush-hour commuters say the works have caused delays of more than 30 minutes to some travel-to-work journeys.

Concerns have also been raised over the amount of “fine dust” on the pavements and in the air, being created by the roadworks.

Work to reduce the silt has now been carried out by Denbighshire County Council. Wetting of surfaces took place last week.

Denbighshire County Council have released a video (above) explaining what the roadworks are, why the council are doing them and also when they will be done

One resident – who asked not to be named – said: “There is a lot of dust in the area.

“It almost looks like fog. I know that roadworks create dust but it definitely seems more than normal.”

Complaints also were posted on the Journal’s Facebook page.

Kellie Williams wrote: “They affect my journey every morning, adding 30 minutes from Rhyl to Denbigh, and all the business have been affected along the way as no one can get to them.

“I think it might be safer and quicker if they closed the road at night and had a diversion in place.

“I think there will be accidents soon as people cannot join A55 or leave the A55 and traffic is just backed up everywhere.” Janet Barker commented: “Patience is ‘deffo’ the order of the day for us locals.”

Ann Sheldon was more sympathetic. She said: “Taking the children to school in Denbigh from Rhyl is no fun but the work has to be done.

“Four times a day we get held up anything from 15 minutes to half an hour each time, depending on traffic lights.”

A Denbighshire County Council spokesman said the authority’s main aim – before starting the works – was to keep the road open for traffic.

The spokesman added: “Throughout the process we have managed to minimise disruption by keeping the road open – albeit with delays – and minimise the amount of material we have to excavate and transport as waste.

“We have reused as much of the original material as possible by recycling the Tarmac.

“The work raised some concerns regarding the fine silt on the pavement and in the air.

“Further wetting of the surface took place last Thursday to keep the dust down.

“All of the areas where there was fine silt were surfaced last Friday and this eliminated any issue with fine silt.”