RUGBY clubs across the region will not be subject to any player transfer deadline this year.

With the prospect of competitive action this season looking increasingly bleak due to restrictions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, the Welsh Rugby Union informed clubs that the deadline of January 31 to acquire players will not be implemented this year, which is a change from the normal National League rules.

This topic was “discussed comprehensively” at a Competitions Management Committee meeting at the request of member clubs looking for clarification on the matter.

The WRU have also announced their decision to implement a “temporary transfer deferral” where clubs are not permitted to sign players until there are more concrete plans for the start of competitive rugby across the country once again.

A WRU spokesman, said: “Due to the worldwide pandemic and its impact on rugby union as a sport, the WRU have not issued regulations for what would have been season 2020-21 at this stage.

“That being the case, the usual transfer deadline of January 31 will not be applied at this time.

“However, on an interim basis we will apply a temporary transfer deferral whereby teams would not be permitted to transfer players between clubs during this time.

“Once the WRU are in a position to consider their return to rugby with more certainty, the deferral will be removed and further details around transfer deadlines and potential competitions will be made available to clubs, giving due notice at all times.”

Rugby has been one of the hardest hit sports due to the close contact involved, with clubs across the region not seeing anything in the way of meaningful time on the field for almost a year now.