A FORMER staff member at RGC is making a name for himself behind the scenes at an English Premiership side.

Sean Dodge joined the set-up at Bristol Bears four years ago to work with their strength and conditioning department in a full-time capacity.

The hugely popular figure, who also worked with Cardiff Blues and Wales Women prior to joining the set-up at Stadiwm Zip World in Colwyn Bay, has incredibly positive memories of his time with RGC, and spoke about his experience in a special interview on the team’s website recently.

He said: “It was an awesome opportunity, both personally and professionally, and it definitely shaped me as a person and coach having spent time with the region.

“I think the fondest memory professionally was the excitement in having the chance to work with a club/group of players who were incredibly ambitious, had no previous expectations as to how things ‘should’ be and were willing to work hard in order to achieve their goals.

“I don’t think there was anyone at the club who wasn’t fully invested in the vision of the region, or was unwilling to do their part to helping us achieve that. That is a very unique culture to be a part of and certainly not a given in any organisation.

“The club is full of great people and characters which is definitely one of the clearest memories for anyone who’s spent time in the region. They say you’re more willing to work hard and sacrifice yourself if you’re doing it for your friends and that was definitely the case when working at RGC.”

Dodge highlighted the wealth of Academy graduates that went on to have success in a senior environment as one of his fondest memories before moving on to become a National Age Grade and Development coach with the Welsh Rugby Union.

This was followed by a fantastic offer to become part of the Bears’ staff, where he sees a lot of similarities between the Premiership side and the Gogs.

“Bristol had spent a number of years in the championship and are hugely ambitious to transition into a side that can hopefully challenge for silverware in the Premiership and Europe,” added Dodge.

“Having been part of the RGC program striving to the same thing, you know full well that it is not a smooth road and there will be challenges along the way.

“I think the toughness and resolve developed in going through these challenging times with RGC is a huge tool of reflection for me in my current role and has given me a realistic expectation as to how the journey will go and how to stick to your convictions in tough times.”