PRESTATYN Sports joint-manager John Hargreaves claimed starting the new season this year would be “a waste of time”.

The NWCFA Tier 4 (East) Premier Division side are expected to content for the title in the event competitive action does get underway as some stage, but the recent ‘fire-break’ lockdown implemented by the Welsh Government has further impacted preparations during the longest pre-season in the history of the domestic game.

Hargreaves stated he “genuinely believed” the season wouldn’t start this year and highlighted plenty of concerns regarding the measures set to be put in place in such an eventuality.

He said: “I genuinely believe the season won’t start this year, and my feeling now is it would be a waste of time if it did so.

“Talks of 12-man squads, one coach on match days, no spectators, that simply can’t be policed by clubs in Tiers 3-5.

“Sunday games? And a 14 to 15 game season, personally I would find it all pointless and very annoying.”

Hargreaves is a strong supporter of a season that would run March until November, which could also cause less disruption in the way of weather postponements throughout the summer.

The North Wales Coast FA has already announced plans to cancel their cup competitions this season to concentrate on league fixtures once they receive the seal of approval from the Welsh Government and Football Association of Wales.

“This is maybe an opportunity to eradicate the multiple postponed games we all get from December to March each season,” added Hargreaves.

“Pitches will be of better quality, no games postponed, more spectators attending, seasons finished on time. I know from experience trying to fulfil 12 games in four weeks in June is a massive strain for clubs all stemming from turned up pitches over winter.

“This is my own opinion and no doubt will never be implemented, but if the season does start this side of Christmas I think it’ll become a laughing stock. Who’s going to take it seriously with half the season being played. With 12 players, on a Sunday, not for me I’m afraid, it’s not the football we all know and love.

“If you asked me six weeks ago what impact no football this year would have, I would have said catastrophic. But if it can’t be done as before then leave it well alone until it can be.”