ST ASAPH City manager Daniel Brewerton outlined his scepticism surrounding the new season getting underway due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Saints’ are like many below the JD Cymru Premier waiting for their campaign to get underway, with recent restrictions put in place by the Welsh Government further dampening hopes of a return in the coming weeks.

Brewerton told his side to “have a break” from football over the fire-break lockdown period, which further added to frustrations following an unprecedented period of disruption.

He said: “The Welsh lockdown has been another blow to us in what has already been a challenging preseason, it’s left everyone a bit deflated after we were literally days away from starting to play some friendlies.

“We’ve told the lads to just keep themselves ticking over but to just switch off from football for a couple of weeks, we’ve been working hard training twice a week whilst trying to navigate around all the restrictions so it’s left us feeling really frustrated so we thought the best thing would be just to have a break.”

The talented young coach remains concerned as to whether their Lock Stock Ardal Northern League season will get underway and just what it will look like when grassroots football is permitted to resume.

“There are still so many restrictions in place that affect us and going into this time of year makes it even more of a challenge,” added Brewerton.

“One of the major factors will be the fact that Tier 3 down have a lot of pitches that are in public areas and fully accessible by the public, there is no way we can ensure people don’t turn up to watch games, and if they do, we are powerless to stop them. Effectively we can’t stop fans turning up to some games which currently is not something permitted in Tier 1.

“I think outwardly everyone wants to see football return at all levels but in the way in which we remember it, it’s hard to know what football for us will look like if the season gets up and running, and will it hold the same enjoyment for those involved? We’re already having to go into friendlies with only a squad of 12 or 13, will that apply in competitive football? And with the months that will have been lost already will a season even get completed? We’d be looking at only playing teams once, who gets a home advantage? Will they bother with cups?”