RHYL’s new phoenix club is seeking investment in their quest to purchase Belle Vue from ground owner David Butters.

The recently formed set-up, named CPD Y Rhyl 1879, have appointed Just Solutions Consultants to undertake a feasibility study of the historic site, which will also include exploring options and opportunities “for acquiring Belle Vue as well as informing the emerging business case for future investment.

Just Solutions are no stranger to the area, with the company also drawing up the business plan for the private leisure firm that run the services for Denbighshire county council.

As part of their new lease agreement with Mr Butters, club officials have first refusal to buy the ground for £450,000, which was based on its commercial valuation.

Should the club secure the necessary funding needed to purchase Belle Vue, they plan to “ensure it remains for the benefit of the community serving broader interests than just football”.

Tom Jamieson, chairman of CPD Y Rhyl 1879, said: “This is a unique opportunity for the football club and the town to secure the benefit of Belle Vue for the community.

“The feasibility study is an important next step to explore all potential options open to the club. But we also wish it to be known that we welcome any investor or partnership enquiries.

“The history of footballing success in Rhyl has always been significant and the potential support base is as good, if not stronger, than any club in the Welsh system.

“With the right partners, the commercial opportunities that could follow ground development and footballing success are significant and hugely exciting.

“We are determined to do all in our power to enable Belle Vue to thrive once again and CPD Y Rhyl 1879 to make its way back to Cymru Premier, the top tier of Welsh football.”

Leading community figures such as Ann Jones AM, James Davies MP, councillors Barry Mellor and Christopher Ruane have been supportive of the club’s recent moves.

Just Solutions also list the Football Association of Wales as one of their current clients, and a leading member of the firm is also part of Sport Wales.

Rhyl FC’s 141-year history was ended earlier this year when they failed to find the £175,000 needed to stay afloat until May 2021.

Although plans to wind up the club were announced some time ago, the old club is still formally listed on Companies House.

Any investment enquiries should be directed to sponsorship@rhylfc.co.uk.