CPD Y Rhyl 1879 have bolstered their coaching staff with the appointment of Andy Wilmot.

The former Rhyl FC coach is the latest addition to Gareth Thomas’ backroom team, where he will be working primarily with the goalkeepers at the club.

Wilmot is no stranger to Belle Vue after being part of the coaching staff under Eddie Maurice-Jones for the wound-up club in JD Cymru North over the last two seasons.

The coach has now “left things behind” regarding the Lilywhites’ and their 141-year history, and Wilmot revealed that how Thomas sold the direction of the new club swayed his decision despite some interest from elsewhere.

He said: “This is a new start and things have now been left behind.

“I have decided to take on this challenge to work with the keepers first and foremost, and Perry (Thomas) is a real character and I don’t think there are many who don’t know him.

“Having spoken to Perry over the last four to five weeks, how he sold the direction of the club sold it to me because I was speaking to others as well.

“I think the club needs to find a keeper that is going to cope with what division we are in. Without being disrespectful there are going to be some difficult pitches, although what I would want is someone modern day that can get it out and distribute from the back.”

Wilmot also pleaded for patience regarding expectations from members of the club’s fan-base who have decided to be part of the new set-up, but he is looking to bring back some good times following a troubled 18 months that eventually ended with the Lilies’ disbanding.

“Fans need to be patient more than anything. It’s been a rocky road over the last couple of years but as I have said before, football without fans is nothing and I stick to that,” added Wilmot.

“We are all fans at the end of the day, so it would be nice to show patience and hopefully we can bring back some good times.”