GOLF courses across the region could reopen for “local members” this week, according to the Welsh government.

The announcement from Wales Golf stated courses were now permitted to re-open should they choose from Monday, May 18.

Club have been closed for a considerable period of time during the coronavirus pandemic, but the government have now provided the necessary “legal clarification”

Jason Thomas, director of the Welsh Government's Culture, Sport and Tourism department, said: “Legal clarification is that golf courses are not included on the list of businesses or establishments that must remain closed - they have never been on that list.

"It's been other measures in force that has restricted the ability of the clubs to open - travel measures etc, so we have clarified this on the Welsh Government website. Do they have to be closed? No."

This news comes on the back of the English government’s decision to relax social distancing measures that enabled golfer to return to the fairways on May 13.

The sport's governing body is keen to ensure that clubs “have sufficient protocols” in regarding social distancing to allow for a "managed and coordinated reintroduction of golf across Wales from next Monday at the earliest".

Wales Golf warned that any clubs failing to comply with regulations might be forced into closure .

"We have clarified that we do want to encourage people to exercise but exercise locally, so we are expecting a statement from Wales Golf imminently on the back of our clarification… because they may be minded to suggest to clubs that they can open so they can ensure that local members can play,” added Thomas.