PLANS are developing rapidly regarding a new phoenix football club in Rhyl.

The Lilywhites’ announced their decision to begin winding up proceedings due to their financial plight, bringing their illustrious history to an end.

A section of the Lilies’ supporters, together with members of the previous board, have moved quickly to begin the process of forming a new club within the town, which has involved lengthy discussions with the Rhyl Fans Association.

This has included the completion of a five-year strategic aim plan for the club’s potential growth, in addition to the drafting of a new club constitution and the opening of a bank account.

It will be named Rhyl FC following a vote between supporters, ensuring the club gets to keep some elements of its former official title of Rhyl Football Club Bellevue Ltd.

The initial plans have included the appointment of a new committee that will be headed by interim chairman Tony Jamieson. He will be working closely with former Rhyl managing director Adam Roche and other appointments from the previous board and the RFA.

Conversations are continuing regarding a possible home ground location for next season. The club is exploring the possibility of either its own base or a ground share as it moves away from their iconic Belle Vie venue following a dispute with owner David Butters regarding the lease cost.

The club is also advertising for a new communications, media and marketing officer on a voluntary basis, who will be responsible for elements such as social media and PR.

Anyone wishing to apply, or for more information, contact