WORK is progressing well on St Asaph City’s new stand as they ready themselves for incoming measures from the Football Association of Wales.

The Saints’ are now in the final process of constructing the new all-seater stand, which is set to be ready in time for the FAW’s extended deadline of May 31.

The Lock Stock Welsh Alliance Division One side’s ability to adhere to the incoming regulations was put in significant doubt after flooding damaged their playing surface and clubhouse earlier this year.

After a superb effort from club officials and volunteers, they now look well on course to meet the criteria and remain in Tier 3 next term.

City manager Daniel Brewerton told The Journal that the stand is “nearly there”, with the final stage of the project involving the attachment of plastic seats onto the construction.

The Saints’ boss added that “work on the building is slow” due to the social distancing measures surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, but there is a contingency plan in place regarding the PA system required to ensure this part of the criteria is met.

After a superb effort from volunteers and generosity of businesses, things are now looking up for the Lock Stock Welsh Alliance Division One side.

The club is looking for a sponsor for their stand once completed, but this is something the Saints’ have not canvassed for yet given the uncertainty of the current situation surrounding Covid-19.

This represents a significant achievement for the club, who have also received considerable support from local businesses following the floods. Their efforts were also bolstered by a crowdfunding page that received a tremendous amount from the community.