THE FOOTBALL Association of Wales will be holding a further meeting this week to discuss the future of the domestic season.

The governing body will be holding the meeting via video conference after the Welsh government extended the social distancing measures for a further three weeks as fears remain regarding the spread of Covid-19 across the country.

The Journal understands that the meeting will also involve the majority of top-tier clubs across the country, who will be invited to give their opinions about how the season should conclude.

It appears increasingly unlikely that a proposed June 6 restart will come to fruition, so an alternative plan needs to be formed if the FAW wish to bring the season to a successful conclusion from a playing perspective.

If such a scenario cannot come to pass, then the decision-makers need to come up with a solution that suits all parties in the event of a cancellation.

This news comes on the back of last week’s virtual meeting between officials, where a selected number of clubs were sought opinions.

It is believed that much more teams from across the country will be involved this time around, which might be the increased possibility of a final decision being made.

Cancelling the season is a decision that has already been made by the English National League system and the Welsh Rugby Union, who both expunged all fixtures with no promotion or relegation.

The UK now has the highest death toll in Europe relating to Covid-19, with hundreds still dying every day because of the virus.