RHYL FC have provided an update on their perilous financial situation that could see the club go into liquidation next week.

The JD Cymru North side’s board of directors will hold a video conference meeting to discuss the next steps forward on Wednesday, April 8, with confirmation on their future expected on Thursday 8.

The suspension of all English system fixtures for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus pandemic is set to be followed by the Football Association of Wales in the coming days, which will leave the storied club with no income to meet their running costs.

A number of offers for sponsorship and investment has been made to the Lilywhites over the last week, which are currently being assessed alongside any possible short-term solutions from Covid-19 relief funds.

A club spokesman, said: “Over the last couple of days, the resumption of the football season has become further away as rightly the focus has to be on the correct response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“This scenario has severely reduced the income of the club during this end of season period with only one home league game during February and March.

“The fundraising events of Football and Folk and the Race Nights have been welcome, but this overall position has left the club with no income to meet costs through to September and beyond.”

Their ground will also be unable to host lucrative end of season tournaments and friendly games due to social distancing, which has provided the club with essential revenue in recent years.

Uncertainty surrounding next season’s start date is also a major concern for those associated with the club, with the prospect of folding a club that dates back to the 1870s now a real possibility.

“The scenario for the 2020/21 sporting calendar appears bleak with no guarantee when football will commence and footballing income returning to the club,” added the spokesman.

“The club has received enquiries from a number of parties interested in possible investment and sponsorship. In addition to reviewing these enquiries the club is currently assessing all other options - from seeking short term funds via the coronavirus assistance schemes to the unpalatable option of entering liquidation.

“The latter will become a realistic option for consideration by the board of directors if external investment is not achievable.”

The newly formed Rhyl Fans Association has made a concerted fundraising effort since the severity of the club’s plight was made public, and Lilywhites’ officials are set to form plan with members about “how best these resources can be used for the long term good of football” in the town “whatever the outcome of Rhyl FC’s current difficulties”.