TWO managers from across the region have reacted to the Football Association of Wales’ decision to suspend domestic fixtures due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The governing body came to the conclusion to postpone the calendar until April 4 following an emergency meeting early on Friday morning, leaving plans for the rest of the season in disarray as concerns grow regarding the spread of COVID-19.

Gresford Athletic’s director of football Steve Halliwell, who has a five-year-old son with respiratory issues, outlined his “disbelief” at current events and stated that other things outside of football should rightfully take priority in the current climate.

He said: “My opinion on this situation is one of disbelief to be honest. Whether people think it’s an over-reaction or the correct decision is irrelevant and so is football in the grand scheme of things.

“My mum and my son suffer with respiratory complications and are both highly at risk in the current climate. Obviously, both are at the very top of my priority list and if that means missing a few weeks football to keep them safe then so be it.

“We are all guilty of getting over hyped and frustrated at times and I’m very guilty of this. But when all’s said and done, I firmly believe that this is the correct decision and what will be will be, however long that takes.”

Colwyn Bay boss Craig Hogg, who has led the Seagulls’ to a tremendous first campaign back on Welsh soil, stated his concerns regarding player availability on April 4 if the virus continues to spread at its current rate.

“My fear is players going down with the virus and not having enough players to be in a position to train or restart the league come April 4,” added Hogg.

“I think venues will close their doors soon as well, so we may not be able to train unless we use our ground.

“I’ve given my Players instructions on training individually and out in the open away from gyms, but for the time being we will monitor the health of the squad through regular contact and consider what is appropriate.”