THE decision to suspend the domestic football season due to the Coronavirus Pandemic is the correct one.

The Football Association of Wales deserve credit for taking the necessary measures for postponing all pyramid fixtures until April 4, which is something that has been met with widespread approval by players, management and supporters alike.

This decision was probably made for them hours before, with a Ruthin Town FC player being tested for the COVID-19 virus, leaving their clash against Flint Town United postponed and other squad members urged into self-isolation.

Safety of players, staff and supporters is paramount, and this pandemic is something that is clearly not going away anytime soon.

A landmark day in history saw everything from the Premier League, American Basketball and Formula One brought to a halt to prevent the spread of the virus. This left the FAW with little alternative than to follow suit and re-evaluate the situation in three weeks.

If anyone assumes it is a guarantee fixtures will resume fully on April 4, then think again. This is a rapidly evolving situation that is going to get worse before it gets better and we are the current suspension is taking place in a relatively short timeframe when you consider the global scale of impact.

Football is a physical sport with a lot of contact, so the risk of contracting Coronavirus is high. Add to that the potential of large crowds at some venues, then it only adds fuel to the fire.

The implications of cancelling football fixtures are going to have an adverse effect on some clubs, who rely heavily on match income to keep their heads above water. If this results in the end of the football season then a compensation package will need to be sorted by the FAW, especially considering the cost that some clubs are facing to comply with new regulations coming into place next season.

This is a situation that needs to be handled with care and consideration by the FAW. There is no telling how long this is going to last, and measures must be put in place to ensure the overall future of the domestic game does not suffer as a result.

It is already an uncertain time for many teams given the incoming criteria, that will see many relegated as they are simply unable to comply. Player and fan welfare are of paramount importance, but so is the need to avoid further complications for clubs facing plenty of dilemmas next term.

The FAW have a real chance to do some good in this situation providing they handle what comes next in the right way. They have come in for some considerable criticism of late but can restore some faith at grassroots level by taking the steps needed to maintain stability.

This is an unprecedented situation and one that obviously needs to be handled with great care. While there may be some frustration with managers and players having time to twiddle their thumbs for the next three weekends and possibly beyond, this is a global pandemic that needs drastic measures to keep it under control.

Suspending fixtures is a good start from the FAW it is a decision they deserve credit for. Hope they cope with the pressure of handling a rapidly changing situation will also go a long way to determining the success in which they emerge from the current predicament.