Works to install a new modern 200 seater stand at Y Morfa Stadium are well and truly underway.

The East End stand at Y Morfa, home of the Conwy Borough Football Club, which had stood since the 1990s has been fully demolished and a new modern 200 seat structure is set to be erected in its place.

The new stand is set to be completed by the end of March.

Conwy Borough FC chairman, Chris Wilton, said: "In some ways we are sad to see the stand come down but we are excited about replacing it with a new modern structure.

"Unfortunately the demolished stand was affected by historic structural and planning issues and it was unanimously decided the most cost effective way forward was to demolish the stand and start again.

"The stand was demolished by J Freeley Ltd and we are grateful for the speed and professionalism with which they carried out the work."

With the clubs storing performances over the past few seasons the decision to develop the new stand has come so if the club is promoted to the Tier 2 division in the Welsh Alliance League they meet all the requirements.

Mr Wilton said: "As part of criteria for clubs playing at Tier 2 of the FAW (Football Association of Wales) pyramid is a requirement to have 250 covered seats.

"The remaining stand at Y Morfa has 120 seats and a modern 200 seater stand has been commissioned for installation at the east end of the stand.

"The construction of a new stand is a challenging project but one which will help to secure compliance with the stringent ground criteria set out by the FAW and which will secure the status of Conwy Borough FC as a club eligible to compete at Tier 2."

The club have secured funding to assist with the project, including a grant via the FAW Trust.

Works on the new stand are set to have no impact on the playing conditions at Y Morfa Stadium.