LLANDUDNO Junction received a Huws Gray Cup reprieve after Rhyl were ousted from the competition following a disciplinary hearing.

The decision comes after the Lilywhites played James Murphy in their resounding 7-0 victory over Junction despite the player being ineligible due to turning out for Newtown in the Nathaniel MG Cup.

Murphy scored four goals in the rout, but the hearing made the ruling on Sunday, February 11 sees the Railwaymen reinstated into the cup, and the Lilies have decided not to appeal the ruling.

A league statement, said: “A disciplinary hearing of the Huws Gray Alliance found them guilty of playing an ineligible player in their game at Llandudno Junction “Huws Gray Cup rule four: No individual shall play for more than one competing team during the season in such cup competitions. A player who has taken part in a league cup tie for a team operating in the “higher league” system shall not be eligible to play in ties in the Huws Gray Cup.

“The interpretation of "higher league" will be determined by the Management Committee, it necessary. The only exception being a player who has represented a Huws Gray Alliance club in a higher league competition in a current season.

“Llandudno Junction will be reinstated in the cup.”