THE group leader of Denbighshire County Council Labour Group has expressed the ‘need to work together’ so Rhyl can benefit from the Levelling Up Fund.

The UK Government has identified that the Vale of Clwyd constituency area qualifies for a potential maximum of £20million capital funding through its Levelling Up Fund regeneration initiative.

Cllr Joan Butterfield, who represents Rhyl West, feels Denbighshire County Council, the new town centre manager, representatives from Rhyl Town bid and Rhyl Business Group all need to unite to help address areas of poor condition in the town centre and to obtain a share of the money.

She said: “In an area group meeting on April 19, Labour members discussed numerous complaints from residents in reference to the poor condition of the high street with officers from Denbighshire County Council. Complaints related to a dirty town centre with traffic flowing freely in the pedestrianised areas and indiscriminate parking. Officers from Denbighshire County Council told Labour group members they would personally go out and inspect the problems raised.

“In a meeting on Friday, May 14, Labour group members asked officers of Denbighshire County Council to open the underground car park and give free parking to the delivery drivers and to offer one hour free parking to shoppers.

“Officers from DCC then reported back to Labour group members [the same month] to say they had completed an inspection of the high street area and they had found no evidence of neglect."

The group leader said Labour representative members of all the wards in Rhyl attended a walkabout in the high street on Saturday, May 29. This was in response to the news that £20million had been made available to spend across Denbighshire.

“Members wanted to look at potential projects which may benefit from this funding, including the second phase of the Queens building project,” Cllr Butterfield said.

“Labour group members present were shocked at the state of our high street. Cars were zooming down the pedestrianised areas and people were parking cars along the high street to go shopping. Bins were overflowing and dirty and unkempt. There were seagull droppings and dog dirt everywhere and some buildings and shops were in a poor, dirty and unmaintained condition.

"We took photographs to show the state of some of the buildings and shops and the mess, which gives an unfriendly welcome to locals and visitors alike.

“We must try to bring some cohesive co-ordination so everyone is working together rather than this current state, where nothing seems to be done.

"If we don’t all start working together we could lose out."

A Denbighshire County Council spokesperson said: "The UK Government has identified that the Vale of Clwyd constituency area qualifies for a potential maximum of £20million capital funding through its Levelling Up Fund initiative.

“The funding is available to support town centre and regeneration initiatives. The funding is not guaranteed as there is a bidding process to UK Government who will assess whether proposals qualify for the funding or not.

“This represents an exciting opportunity for the communities in the Vale of Clwyd constituency area. The council will be working with the local MP, local county councillors, city, town and community councils and other stakeholders with a view to submitting the bid towards the end of the year.”

Cllr Butterfield added: “We have a long way to go in a very short time, to be ready to submit schemes for approval .

“This money will aid the recovery plans of our community s improve people’s lives especially in areas of deprivation, to bring about lasting change.”