Do you have a slug problem and not sure what to do to keep them away from your precious garden?

Slugs can be a gardener's worst nightmare. You spend months nurturing and caring for your garden and then a slug can come along and undo all your hard work in the space of an afternoon.

So how do you keep slugs out of your garden?

There are a variety of different methods, but you want something that isn't going to harm you, your pets, wildlife or others around you.

Online lifestyle magazine, Homes and Gardens, believes they have they have a number of sustainable and safe solutions.

Rhyl Journal: There are number of sustainable ways to keep slugs out of the garden that won't impact you or others.There are number of sustainable ways to keep slugs out of the garden that won't impact you or others. (Image: Getty Images)

The best ways to keep slugs out of your garden

According to Homes and Gardens, these are the best ways to keep slugs out of your garden:


Homes and Gardens said if you are looking for a "guaranteed" slug control method, then nematodes are a great option that will target the slug without harming any other wildlife. 

The online magazine explained: "Nematodes occur naturally in the soil and seek out and kill specific target pests.

"They attack the pest by entering its body and releasing a bacterium which quickly and effectively kills it.

"The nematodes then reproduce inside the dying pest and release a new generation of hungry nematodes, which disperse and search for further prey, protecting the area for up to six weeks. 

"Nematodes have the advantage of targeting slugs beneath the soil, where most of them dwell, rather than just those on the surface."

Nematodes are readily available online including on places like Amazon.

Copper Tape

Using copper tape is one of the more popular ways of keeping slugs out of your garden without harming them.

RHS Garden Wisely said copper has an irritating and repellent effect on slugs and snails.

Homes and Gardens added: "This (copper tape) simply needs to be applied around the circumference of the pot – ensure it stays clean and that there are no gaps in the tape where slugs can pass."

Stand containers/plant pots in water

According to Homes and Gardens, slugs will not cross water, no matter how tasty the treat on the other side.

So if you have plants in containers or pots, this is a great way to keep slugs away.

Rhyl Journal: Standing containers and plant pots in waters can deter slugs.Standing containers and plant pots in waters can deter slugs. (Image: Getty Images)

Rough surfaces

You can use things like dry, broken eggshells; bark; mulch and small gravel as deterants for slugs.

Homes and Gardens explains since slugs have soft bodies, rough surfaces can prove painful and deter them from venturing too far.


Simply sprinkle a layer of cinnamon around the base of your plants and if slugs try to cross over the spice it wil stick to their body and they will turn around. 

Encourage natural predators

Another way of controlling slugs in your garden is by employing natural wildlife to do your work for you.

The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust explains: "One of the best ways to control slugs is to encourage their natural predators.

"Slugs are eaten by rove beetles, ground beetles, slow worms, frogs, hedgehogs and toads.

"To encourage these natural predators in the garden, ensure there is a place for them to breed, shelter and hibernate.

"A pond is good for frogs and a log pile will encourage hedgehogs and slow worms if they are about."

If none of these methods are working for you, you can always remove the slugs by hand from the garden.