A dog has been filmed playing with the window cleaner in a new adorable video.

One-year-old dog, Button, was captured having a playful encounter with the window cleaner on a Ring Stick Up Camera.

The footage, which was shared with Ring by her 29-year-old owner Gwen, shows the energetic puppy watching her first window-cleaning session.

Button can also be seen with her tail wagging as she bounced up and down as she tried to mimic the movements of the window cleaner.

Watch Button the dog play with the window cleaner

Gwen was left chuckling at the footage at work, noting that Button's "live reaction was pure entertainment".

The owner added: "We’ve had Ring devices for about three years. We installed a Video Doorbell first for security reasons and loved it, so when Button joined the family we decided to get a Stick Up Camera as well so we could check in on her whenever we were out.

"She’s a real character and the video really shows just how much energy she has. I’m 5ft 2 and she can jump higher than me!”

Ring’s Advanced Motion Detection feature means customer phones are alerted when someone (human or canine) is nearby.

With the Ring Protect plan, customers can also download, save, and re-watch videos in HD so they never miss a moment of what is happening outside or inside their home.

Ring has also urged those who have pet footage captured on their Ring device to send it to ukstories@ring.com or visit the Ring website.