In research conducted by Online Mortgage Advisor, Newcastle has been named as one of the scariest places in the UK.

Newcastle ranked 39th on the list of scariest places. Several factors were considered to determine how spooky Newcastle is with the number of cemeteries, paranormal sightings, abandoned homes, spooky roads, safety at night, level of crime and annual sunshine all being taken into account.

Newcastle had a whopping 90 paranormal sightings, and according to Online Mortgage advisor, has 40 spooky roads.

The city has 1,762 abandoned houses, which anyone who has watched any horror movie ever knows, definitely adds to the spookiness of a place.

Annual sunshine was rated at minus 140 and 90 cemeteries were counted, giving Newcastle an overall ‘Spooky Score’ of 240.

The spookiest place in the UK by this research is Newport, with a total score of 1070 spookiness.

Rhyl Journal: Top 20 UK Spookiest Towns (Online Mortgage Advisor)Top 20 UK Spookiest Towns (Online Mortgage Advisor)

Top 20 spookiest places in the UK

  1. Newport
  2. Birmingham
  3. Leicester
  4. Nottingham
  5. Liverpool
  6. Preston
  7. London
  8. Wolverhampton
  9. Coventry
  10. Reading
  11. Glasgow
  12. Leeds
  13. Sheffield
  14. Northampton
  15. Stoke-on-Trent
  16. Manchester
  17. Swansea
  18. Dundee
  19. Peterborough
  20. Derby