The Princess of Wales’ attendance at Trooping the Colour has dominated the Saturday news headlines.

It will be Kate’s first public appearance in 2024 after being diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer, with the Princess leading The Sun, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and the Daily Express.

The Times and the Daily Mirror also lead on the Princess’s health, with updates on her condition after she has been largely unseen by the public since Christmas.

The Independent and the look to Westminster for their front pages as the Tories go into damage control thanks to the addition of Reform UK leader Nigel Farage to the General Election ballot.

A slew of senior Tory MPs are preparing to take a stab at becoming party leader, writes The Guardian, as doubts rise that Rishi Sunak will not be able to pull them back from the brink come July 4.

The Financial Times reports on major cuts for  Whitehall, with Labour and the Conservatives pledging to cut public spending in their manifestos.

Lastly, the Daily Star heralds the beginning of an “ice age”, with a cold snap apparently on course for the UK.