Rhuddlan’s Dementia Group’s slogan is “We need to talk about dementia – if we don’t talk about it, things are never going to change”.

The Dementia Group is very active in the town and can provide people and groups with important information about – what is dementia – how can it affect people’s lives – how can people get diagnosed – can people still live a good life with dementia – where can you get support.

In addition the group runs a number of activities which are open to everyone and are dementia friendly.

The main two are weekly chair exercise sessions (Sit and be Fit) and fortnightly singalong sessions (Music Memories). They also run occasional coffee mornings and dance mornings.

The group is having its Annual general Meeting on Thursday, July 18, at 6pm in Hwb Rhuddlan located on Admiral’s playing field.

The chairman, Cllr Arwel Roberts, says that the group will welcome new members because it is so important to get the community involved in the group’s work in tacking this illness which is growing in numbers every year.

For more information you can contact the Group’s Secretary Mike Kermode on 07801768878 or mikekermode@btinternet.com