SEVERAL UFO sightings have been reported in North Wales since last year, new figures have revealed.

Newly released data has unveiled the number of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings for every town in the UK in 2023 and 2024.

The data comes from UFO Identified, which was created by Ash Ellis in April 2020, as a way to try and help fill the gap in current UK UFO data and information.


It does that by collating sightings, examining the data and publishing reports/articles.

Here is the list of UFO sightings reported in North Wales since 2023:

Llanfwrog, Anglesey

When?: September 23, 2023 at 9pm.

Description: Orb-shaped object that was "Very big and bright light moving closer and getting brighter as it did so. Suddenly vanished as it was being watched."

Sealand, Flintshire

When?: August 10, 2023 at 5.48am.

Description: Cylinder object that was like "Two tic-tac shapes stuck together, moving slowly but weirdly sideways and up & down then increased speed before fading away."

Abergele, Conwy

When?: August 8, 2023 at 11.15pm.

Description: "Three dark triangles in formation, one in front and two in the rear travelling at amazing speed with no lights or sound heading South-West."

Porthmadog, Gwynedd

When?: June 26, 2023 at midnight.

Description: "A sphere floating just above the ground, invisible in the dark but emitting an infrared signal."

Y Wyddfa, Gwynedd

When?: April 6, 2023 at 12.30pm.

Description: "White 'Tic-Tac' shape travelling at high velocity to the North-East in a straight line trajectory with minimal but occasional movement."

Take a look at our interactive map below for further details on the UFO's spotted across north Wales...

Harlech, Gwynedd

When?: January 6, 2023 at 2am.

Description: "Many bright lights travelling East to West in groups of 4 or more but not linked and incredibly bright."

No sightings have been reported in north Wales via UFO Identified so far in 2024.