A woman with has hiked up five mountains - completely BAREFOOT.

El Ventures, 27, says she has "super strong feet" and that climbing without shoes on makes her feel "powerful".

She scuffs the skin on the bottom of her feet on the rocks while mountain climbing - it takes "much longer" than walking on grassy terrains.

But she takes it "slow and precise" - paying attention to every single step.

She tries to be barefoot as much as possible - and goes shoeless to the corner shop, as well as driving.

El Ventures, 27, who climbs mountains barefooted. Image: SWNS

El Ventures, 27, who climbs mountains barefooted. Image: SWNS

She attempted to hike five mountains consecutively back in May 2023 - but she came close to calling mountain rescue and “tearfully” called the challenge off due to to the pain of it.

Normally, she waits until the rocks are dry before she walks on them - calling herself a "fairweather hiker" as hiking on wet ground makes her more nervous.

On June 1, in better weather conditions, she attempted to re-climb Tryfan, a mountain in Eryri.

El, a compliance analyst, from Cardiff, said: “I don’t walk around without shoes all the time - but I train my feet barefoot on the grass, in the garden and on certain streets.

“I’ve never enjoyed climbing as much as I loved climbing Tryfan - it made me feel strong.

“I’ve got a big grin on my face, even thinking about it."

El started barefoot hiking in 2021 after “discovering the health benefits” of not wearing any shoes.

She doesn’t do any specific exercises to train her feet - but tries to get out barefoot as much as she can.

When she’s not barefoot, she’ll wear minimalist shoes - designed to mimic being barefoot - to restaurants, shops and around the city centre.

El Ventures, 27, who climbs mountains barefooted. Image: SWNS

El Ventures, 27, who climbs mountains barefooted. Image: SWNS

Strangers often "ignore" her while walking barefoot "like you would seeing anyone weird on the street".

But she often gets "funny looks" from passers-by.

Fellow climbers have called her "interesting" and "exciting" if they see her walking up a mountain.

“My feet are in really good shape,” she said.

“Really conditioned - they’re as tough as old boots.”

She first attempted the Welsh 3,000s Barefoot Challenge for the Royal British Legion on April 14, 2023.

This involved climbing several mountains barefoot around Eryri - including Y Wyddfa (also known as Snowdon) in all terrains and weather.

She said: “It was planned to be a three-day mission.

“First day I went up Snowdon, which felt amazing on the way up.

“The next day was just a fail.

“It was one of the harder things I’ve ever attempted - but I do try once-a-year to do something physical and out of my comfort zone.

“The gravity on the way down from Snowdon just multiplied - and my feet became really sore.

“While the pain was increasing, I was hobbling - and old ladies were walking past me at speed.

“By the end of the day, my feet were swollen and sore.

“The next day was really rocky and gravelly, there’s rocks falling at your feet.

“And friction from where your feet are sliding - your skin getting scuffed.”

El’s number one priority while mountain climbing is not to have to call mountain rescue.

But her struggle to hike on day two of the challenge left her feeling teary and ill.

“Calling someone out to rescue me was a place I really felt like I was getting to,” she said.

“I was tired, dizzy and scared - I decided to give up.

“There was only one mountain left to do that day - Tryfan.

“I was really disappointed not to finish.”

Despite not being able to finish the challenge, El and her climbing partner, Emma, 38, raised just under £1k for the charity.

After months of thinking about it - she decided to complete her mission on June 1, 2024.

Tryfan was “comparatively grassier” than last year, and El had a much easier time climbing it.

She said: “It was fantastic, I felt incredibly strong.

“It felt like the external pressure was off - I didn’t share anything on my social media, and I wasn’t doing it to raise money.

“I’ve never enjoyed climbing so much in my life.”