DENBIGHSHIRE County Council will hold an “emergency meeting” this afternoon (June 13), to find out “just how bad things really are” with the new bin collection scheme.

A new recycling and bin collection system was introduced county-wide on June 3, which includes the scrapping of the blue wheelie bin, as well new containers and weekly collections for recyclable materials.

Residents will now be required to separate their “dry” recycling using a three-tier “Trolibocs” service, which has been delivered to households since February.

However, the council has apologised several times after residents across the county complained about their refuse being missed by collectors, with some waiting weeks for a bin collection.

In a post on social media, Dyserth Councillor David Gwyn Williams said the meeting would “find out just how bad things really are”.

He added that councillors were “just as annoyed and angry” as many residents were at the implementation of the scheme.


Residents on first week of Denbighshire’s new waste collection system

Council ‘sorry’ as some Denbighshire recycling bins not collected

He said: “Following numerous complaints and requests made to DCC officers and lead members from councillors over the past few days, a remote emergency meeting has been arranged for tomorrow afternoon.

“Addressing the councillors and answering questions will be the lead cabinet member, the Chief Executive and all relevant council officers that have been involved in implementing this new collection ‘system’.

“This will have to be an open and honest meeting to find out just how bad things really are, and to hear what steps are being taken to get all this refuse off the streets and into the new recycling plant in Denbigh as soon as humanly possible.

“Please be assured that we will not be in the mood to listen to any excuses or platitudes!

“We as councillors are just as annoyed and angry as many of our residents rightly are, and we will insist that drastic measures are taken over the next few days to get this shambles sorted out.

“I am led to believe that many extra staff have been taken on by DCC, and that this coming weekend might involve extra shift working by all available staff from a number of locations.

“As soon as we know more later tomorrow I will give an update on this DT site with news of what DCC intend to do to address the situation.

“Thank you all for your incredible patience up to now, it is much appreciated.”