A PUB in Rhyl has avoided having its premises licence suspended after it “settled” matters with Denbighshire County Council.

The Millbank Inn, on Grange Road, was handed a 10-week suspension by the council in mid-January following an application from North Wales Police for the local authority to review it.

But it appealed the decision within 21 days of it being served with the suspension notice, allowing it to stay open at least until court proceedings concluded.


Rhyl pub remains open after appealing suspension of premises licence

A hearing was listed at Llandudno Magistrates’ Court on Monday (June 10), but last weekend, a spokesperson for the pub told the Journal that it no longer faces suspension after the council was “satisfied” with improvements made.

In a statement, confirmed as being correct by Denbighshire County Council, a spokesperson for the pub said: “We settled with the council before the hearing, so we won’t need to attend the court hearing. 

“We sent the council evidence of all the conditions being met, such as clearer CCTV in the front area, and they were satisfied.

“There will not be a 10-week suspension on the licence anymore.”

Conditions that the council agreed in January to attach to the pub’s licence included making images from its CCTV available on demand to police or local authority officers and implementing an “incident and refusals book”.

This book must record any incident involving criminal activity, drugs or of violence/disorder, ejection from the premises, first aid given to customers, refusals to serve alcohol, or calls for police assistance.

The initial decision by the council to suspend the licence followed police reports of the pub’s manager and staff members fighting with customers.

Police said the incidents included one where a customer was left unconscious outside the pub, and another where somebody was strangled.