A Welsh restaurant has been named among the best in the UK in 2024 at the National Restaurant Awards.

The awards ceremony took place on Monday (June 10) and saw the top 100 restaurants in the UK named.

A host of other accolades were also handed out at the event including awards for national restaurant, gastropub and chef of the year.

The best restaurants in the UK

The top 100 best restaurants in the UK, according to the National Restaurant Awards, are:


The Powys restaurant named among the best in the UK

Ynyshir - located in Machynlleth, Powys - was named the fifth best restaurant in the UK at the national awards.

It also claimed the accolade of best restaurant in Wales.

The National Restaurant Awards described the Machynlleth restaurant as the opposite of boring with a "rambunctious" atmosphere.

As for the tasting menu the national awards said visitors could expect "in-your-face, Asian-influenced food".

Talking more about Ynyshir, the National Restaurant Awards, said: "Ynyshir is surrounded by rhododendron bushes and undulating yet carefully trimmed lawns.

"Yet this is not your typical country house hotel, as its black painted brickwork hints at.

"Those that venture inside will find a massive chef cooking a multi-course tasting menu of uncompromisingly edgy, Asian-influenced food. That chef is Gareth Ward, a protégé of the Nottinghamshire-based Sat Bains.

"Run by Ward’s partner Amelia Eriksson, the small dining room is stripped back and a little Scandi in feel with a fully-open kitchen where diners can watch the brigade at work."

They continued: "The food itself is described as ‘ingredient led, flavour driven, fat fuelled and meat obsessed’.

"This is an entirely accurate description, but one that doesn’t quite do justice to Ward’s explosive cooking.

"His approach is strikingly different to the norm – a peculiar but effective marriage of top-quality produce, Asian flavours and unusual technique served in a succession of tiny bites.

"To dine at Ynyshir is to have more than a meal, it is an experience unlike any other on these shores.

"The in-house DJ (surely the only two Michelin-starred restaurant in Europe to employ one?) keeps things lively, playing a set that reads the vibe of the room, with a glitter ball put into action as the night unfolds.

"Anywhere else this might not work, but at Ynyshir and under the spell of Ward's supreme cooking, it's something to savour."

Ynyshir won the National Restaurant of the Year Award back in 2022 and has been named best in Wales in 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022.