Rhyl Little Theatre are going to take to the stage with their performance Footloose: Youth Edition later this month.

The iconic venue, is gearing up for the opening night of the show, with performances scheduled for June 27 - 29.

The play is an interpretation of the 984 classic movie, mixing popular tracks with a batch of fresh songs created for this musical.

It follows the story of Ren McCormack who, after relocating from Chicago, is stunned to find out that his new small Midwestern home town has banned dancing and rock music.

The story of Footloose celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people whilst guiding them.

Tom Finnegan and Lexie Wilmot as Ren McCormack and Ariel Moore  (Image: Rhyl Little Theatre)

The show has been described as a "big ball of energy" and it has been crafted by a cast of 35 students under the direction of Caitlin Armitage Conway.

In describing the anticipation for the upcoming production, Ms Conway said: "This show is one big ball of energy and it has been so much fun bringing this to life."

"After the success of High School Musical last year I was super eager to get stuck in with another project and Footloose was just the right show!

"The intensity of the choreography, the iconic score and passionate themes makes this show one of our most explosive yet, you are truly in for a treat if you buy tickets."

Featuring classic hits like 'Footloose', 'Holding Out for A Hero' and 'Let’s Hear It for the Boy', this uplifting reinterpretation promises to be a delightful ride for audiences of all ages.

The Rhyl Little Theatre, has been at the heart of the community since 1963, and as of June 2024, is used by roughly 170 children.

Looking ahead, The Rhyl Little Theatre plans to bring Annie Jr to life later in 2024.

The timeless tale will be reimagined by a cast of 54 students under the guiding hand of Director Katie Brewerton.