Pupils at Ysgol Cefn Meiriadog have completed a remarkable project that highlights their creativity, community spirit, and collaborative efforts.

Children in the Innovators class (Years 5 and 6) embarked on an ambitious project to create a mosaic mural for their outdoor wall.

This initiative was entirely pupil-driven: the children made all the decisions and managed every aspect of the project themselves.

Their vision was to create a mosaic that depicted the unique and cherished view from their classroom window, a scene they believe is truly special and unique to their school near St Asaph.

To bring their vision to life, the pupils reached out to local businesses for support.

Thanks to the generous donation of materials from T.G. Williams Builders in St Asaph, they were able to secure proper outdoor materials that would ensure the longevity of their artwork.

Under the guidance of Lizzie Smith, one of the school’s community governors and art specialist, the pupils learned valuable new skills, including the grid method to transfer their photographic references onto the mosaic board.

The children also took part in a photography session to capture images that would serve as the basis for their design.

Over several weeks, they worked diligently on the mural, transforming their vision into a stunning piece of art that now adorns their school.

This project not only allowed the pupils to explore their artistic talents but also taught them the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and community engagement.

The mosaic mural stands as a testament to their hard work and creativity, and it has already become a beloved feature of the school.