DENBIGHSHIRE County Council has said it has experienced "teething problems" with its new bin scheme, with missed collections on the first day.

This week, the council is rolling out its new Trolibocs system, which will collect paper, plastic, metal, food cartons and glass.

The council is expecting residents to separate the items themselves to help cut costs. A weighted hessian bag will also now be used for cardboard.

Rubbish collections are now collected every four weeks as opposed to the old two-week system.

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However, several residents across the county said they had been missed by bin collectors.

The council said such "teething problems" were to be "expected", and apologised to residents whose bins were missed.

A Denbighshire County Council spokesperson said: "Thank you to all those who supported the first day of the new service.

"As expected with a large-scale service change, we have experienced some teething problems and there have been some missed collections today.

"Please leave out any containers which weren’t collected and we'll come back to collect them tomorrow.

"Our refuse crews have worked incredibly hard over recent weeks and appreciate your patience.

"We're sorry for any inconvenience and we hope you’re able to bear with us whilst we roll out the new service."