The social care team at Denbighshire County Council have shown off equipment and adaptations that can help residents stay independent.

The team demonstrated various equipment and adaptations to Elected Members.

Such devices are designed to support citizens in maintaining independence at their homes.

They're contributing to the council's efforts to meet the rising need for social care, by supporting independence and safely scaling down the provision of double handed domiciliary care.

In the past year, after comprehensive assessments of residents' needs, the social care team successfully reduced the number of double-handed care packages from 33 to 20 using these specialist devices.

These include a bed hoist, gantry, sling and Mackworth transfer which allows a single carer to provide the same level of care previously needing two individuals.

This results in more carers being available to care for those who need it most.

These devices enable individuals to receive optimal care at home, offering service savings of up to £15,000 per person depending upon the equipment used.

In 2023 - 2024, the council spent around £7.5 million on domiciliary care for older people across the county.

Ann Lloyd, head of service for social care and homelessness, said: "There had been some concern that reducing an individual care and support plan from two carers to one carer with the use of specialist equipment could put some individuals at risk, however, our highly skilled and professional team where able to demonstrate how the equipment is safe and can actually provide a more person centred and dignified experience." 

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