TWO people were arrested for drug driving offences in Rhyl yesterday (June 2).

Police were drawn to a vehicle in the west of Rhyl, where a roadside drug swipe was conducted and a search of a the vehicles lead to a quantity of Class B drugs being seized.

The driver was subsequently arrested on suspicion of drug driving offences.

Following this, another vehicle caught the attention of police.

The vehicle was found to have no insurance, with a roadside drug swipe indicating the driver had drugs in their system.

They were also arrested on suspicion of drug drive offences.

Another driver, and their vehicle, was also handed a Section 59 Notice for speeding.

A Section 59 notice means that should this driver be caught driving in an anti-social manner or the vehicle be driven by another person in an anti-social manner then the vehicle will be seized.

A North Wales Police spokesperson said: "Today our Clear, Hold, Build officers have hit the ground running.

"That's two drivers off the road today, one vehicle seized and a quantity of Class B drugs seized."