CAR enthusiasts, families, and community members are invited to experience the exciting Nitro Refuel event in St Asaph.

The automotive event will take place at Fifth Wheel Company, Holywell Road, on June 29, between 8.30am to noon.

Sponsored by Lucas Oil, the event is set to be a highlight of the summer, offering an engaging and vibrant atmosphere for visitors of all ages.

Nitro Refuel event in St Asaph.

Nitro Refuel event in St Asaph.

For a fee of £2.50 per car, attendees can enjoy a morning packed with automotive excitement, while passengers and walk-ins can attend for free.


Refuel event at Fifth Wheel Company in St Asaph.

Refuel event at Fifth Wheel Company in St Asaph.


Event Highlights include a showcase of cars and motorbikes, with all types welcome, making it a diverse and inclusive event for vehicle enthusiasts.

Visitors can apply to feature their own vehicles in an exclusive indoor showcase.

The event is designed with families in mind, offering a child-friendly environment. Dogs are also welcome, provided they are kept on leads at all times.

  • For more information or to apply for the indoor showcase, please contact Nitro Nation on social media or

During the morning, there will be workshop tours and showroom exhibitions hosted by the Fifth Wheel Company, including an insider’s look into the world of high-end caravans and motorhomes.

Food and drink will be available from Really Awesome Coffee and Bocs Bwyd Food.

The Hot Wheels Guy will be present, adding a offering exclusive Hot Wheels cars for sale to enthusiasts and collectors alike. One Zest Solutions will also be in attendance to showcase their range of their eco-friendly cleaning products.