A COUPLE from Rhyl who “found freedom from addiction” are now hoping to help others make similar recoveries.

Conor and Natalie Mathieson have started Archway Recovery, a group which will meet weekly to provide a supportive environment for those seeking recovery from addiction.

The group held its first session yesterday (May 29) at Rhyl’s Salvation Army base on Windsor Street, and will continue to meet there each Wednesday from 5-7pm.

Each session will also be followed by an Alcoholics Anonymous “12-step meeting”, from 7.30-9pm.


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“Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals seeking recovery from addiction,” Conor said.

“We are committed to creating a community that promotes healing, personal growth, and lasting sobriety through mutual support, compassion, and empowerment.

“By sharing our experiences, strengths and hopes, we strive to inspire each other to achieve a healthier and more fulfilling life, free from the grips of addiction.”

Rhyl Journal: Conor and Natalie MathiesonConor and Natalie Mathieson (Image: Conor Mathieson)

Conor and Natalie will also look to connect those who attend with various other organisations, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and substance misuse services.

Each session will have an “informal, relaxed atmosphere”, with a different topic or theme covered each week.

While it is a peer-led community recovery group based on Christian principles, those who wish to attend do not need to have a faith themselves – it is open to all.

Conor added: “Drawing from our own personal experiences of addiction and recovery in the Rhyl area, we have witnessed firsthand impact that addiction has had on our community.

“Unfortunately, we've seen countless individuals - including friends, family members, and colleagues - struggle to find their way out of the darkness of addiction.

“Many have reached out to us in desperation, feeling hopeless and helpless. It's heartbreaking to see people suffer in this way, and it's clear that there is a pressing need for accessible and effective support services in our area.

“Our group is committed to providing a safe and supportive space to encourage, guide and show others that they, too, can recover.

“We are non-judgemental and will provide a welcoming, honest, safe and supportive environment to those suffering with any kind of addiction.”

Also welcome to attend are friends and relatives of those suffering with addiction, or professionals who want to help or seek advice.

Conor and Natalie will also aim to raise funds for group activities, while remaining self-sustainable.

For more information, email: archway.recovery.rhyl@gmail.com.