A GAMING shop in Rhyl has been chosen as the venue for the first “Esports Wales local event” in the country.

GB Games, based in the town’s White Rose Centre, opened the new space in its premises on Saturday (May 25).

It will feature tournaments, watch parties, food and drink options, and prizes and giveaways.

Currently free of charge, the space offers gamers the chance to play Rocket League, Fortnite, Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart.

The space has been supported by the Rhyl Flats Wind Farm Fund.


New gaming store opens for business inside Rhyl's White Rose shopping centre

Gareth Brayshaw, owner of GB Games, said: “It’s just to try and help get kids off the street and give there somewhere to go and play games – it’s been mostly been kids playing Mario Kart or Fortnite so far.

“It’s going to be a permanent feature at the shop, and for this week, while the kids are off school, we’ve opened it up as ‘free to play’.

“Moving forward, we’ll be doing community nights, where we’ll be holding tournaments in-store.

“It also gives people who don’t have a games console at home the opportunity to have a quick game.

“There have been quite a few playing and interacting so far, and we’ll be looking to expand our range of games going forward.”

John Jackson, of Esports Wales, expressed his gratitude and excitement for the new space.

He added: “Gareth from GB Games has been a massive help in putting this together, and a great person to help develop the scene in North Wales.

“I am super excited to see how we can develop this store and replicate this success across the whole of Wales.”