National Geographic fellow and author Dan Buettner has revealed two "revolutionary" foods to eat that will "change your life" and help you live longer.

The Blue Zones founder, explorer and Netflix host is known for sharing tips and tricks on everything from food to eat to help you live to 100 to things that will make you happier.

Buettner, 63, has also revealed if eating pasta is good for you, how gardening could help you live longer and the superfoods you should avoid eating.

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In a recent Instagram video, he shared the two life-changing foods that could be used as supplements that could help extend your life expectancy by three to four years.

Dan Buettner reveals the 2 "revolutionary" foods to eat that will "change your life"

Buettner revealed there are two revolutionary supplements you should be consuming if you want to "change your life" and help you live longer.

These two supplements - black beans and walnuts.

Buettner explained: "We found that people who are actually making it to 100 eat a cup of beans a day. 

"It's associated with about four extra years of life expectancy.


"So if you want to take a supplement, take about 80 black beans a day. 

"If you don't like beans, we also found that people who eat between 15 and 30 walnuts a day are living about three years longer than people who don't eat walnuts, and you don't even need a prescription."

These findings were based on meta analysis from 155 dietary studies done over the last 100 years.