ASSURANCES have been received that concerns issued to Prestatyn residents about sewage discharges in the town were incorrect.

Vale of Clwyd MP, James Davies, contacted Welsh Water after receiving calls and emails from people living in Prestatyn reporting sewage discharges onto the town's beach.

But in a letter of response from Welsh Water, Dr Davies has been told that there have been no such sewage discharges.


Pollution risk for waters off Prestatyn beach after overflows

Pollution risk for waters off Rhyl after sewage overflows

The water company also assured him that regular water quality tests take place between May 15 and September 30, known as “bathing season”.

It explained that the reason residents have been receiving the warnings is due to errors with the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) app, and an incorrect signal reporting issue at one of the pumping stations at Prestatyn.   

Extracts from the response Dr Davies received from Welsh Water read:  “I can confirm we do not have any assets that discharge directly onto Prestatyn beach.

“The assets we do have in the area have operated in line with their permit following periods of heavy rainfall.

“Storm overflow discharges that take place within the permit conditions set out by Natural Resources Wales are considered to have minimal impact on the basis of the storm effluent being extremely dilute (estimated 95 per cent  surface water/rainwater) and the watercourse to which it is discharging also being in flood at the times of the discharge.”

Dr Davies said: “I received numerous calls and emails from residents who were understandably very concerned about the alerts they were receiving. 

“It took some time to clarify the situation with Welsh Water, but I am pleased I have now received clear assurances and have been able to relay this information to all those who contacted me and allay their fears.

“We are fortunate to have a beautiful beach in Prestatyn, which is enjoyed by locals and visitors from far and wide, so it is reassuring to know that there have been no sewage discharges onto the beach, which has excellent water quality and a Blue Flag award.

“I hope the regular water quality tests that Welsh Water referred to in their response will continue to demonstrate ‘excellent’ seawater quality."