A WOMAN who parked in a space for electric vehicles (EVs) in Rhos-on-Sea was left a note by a person calling her a “thoughtless driver” and a “moron”, thinking that it was a disabled bay.

Sally Lambourne, who runs Ark Antiques & Jewellery with twin sister Sarah in Colwyn Bay, returned to her car on Tuesday (May 14) to find the printed-out note.

It read: “What a thoughtless driver you are! Just because you are too lazy to park in an ordinary space, you have deprived someone who is genuinely needful of the disabled space to have to park elsewhere and walk with difficulty. You moron.”

Rhyl Journal: The note Sally was leftThe note Sally was left (Image: Sally Lambourne)

Sally could see the funny side, though, and said she and Sarah have since put the note in an antique silver frame in their shop – now, she said, it has “pride of place”.

She said: “I got the note and just sat in my car and laughed. It was very funny, I must admit. I obviously hit a nerve.

“I was parked on the section of the promenade where the future installation will be for the EV charging points. Someone’s going round with these in their pocket; it's obviously something they're passionate about.

"I wish they'd stand by their convictions rather than anonymously leaving notes, as this might be considered threatening.

Rhyl Journal: The note taking pride of place in Sally and Sarah's shopThe note taking pride of place in Sally and Sarah's shop (Image: Sally Lambourne)

“A lot of effort had gone into that note, so I’d praise them for their efforts. I do agree with them that nobody should park in a disabled space without a blue badge.

“They came very prepared; it’s obviously something that really irritates them.”

Sally and Sarah’s shop was sadly burgled in March, but they have since had work done to create a “lovely new shop front” after the incident had caused it “a lot of damage”.

Based on Rhos Road, the shop sells “such a different array of things”, and is currently open seven days a week.